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Selling A Business?


Did you know that there are over 1,000 firms in the UK who handle the sale of businesses? And some are, naturally, better than others. ​

Whether you're looking for a local business transfer agent to sell a high street cafe, or ​an M&A firm to find you a Silicon Valley investor for your tech business, you've come to the right place.

Use the search facility on our directory, or get free personalised help by filling our form and having someone match you with the right intermediary to sell your business. ​If ​what you need is someone to assist with fund raising, or a lawyer to draw up a contract, help yourself by browsing our directory ​to find the right professional(s).

​Buying A Business?


​Just to be clear, we don't introduce you to sellers of businesses, we don't find you ​acquisition opportunities. We represent professionals who work in business broking, M&A, transaction advisory services. It is our recommendation that you choose the right professionals to assist, whether it's on deal sourcing or due diligence or something else.

​Our directory is where you can find the experts to advise​. Simply head to the Business Acquisition category of our directory.

​If you want assistance with finding the right expertise, we offer a service here for ​buyers / investors.