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​Note: We strictly do not introduce you to business sellers. Our advice to sellers is that they should always use a competent M&A firm, corporate finance firm or business broker to handle the sale of their business.

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Do you know that there are hundreds of business brokers in the UK who are sector specialists i.e. they handle businesses in only a specific sector.  ​

If your acquisition mandate is for businesses in a certain sector, the most efficient way to approach this is to start with a list of all the brokers, corporate finance firms ​etc., who are sector specialists in that sector.  

In partnership with UKBB, we are the only ones in the UK with comprehensive data on sector specialisation.

Did you know for example that there are over 20 firms in the UK specialising in the sale of accountancy practices? That there are over 50 tech specialist business brokers in the UK? That even within the recruitment sector there are over a dozen brokers who further specialise in selling recruitment businesses that service just the construction industry?

And there is no way for a buyer like you to compile a comprehensive list of brokers who specialise in a particular sector. Here's why.

We are the only ones able to provide this. Prices start from £297. To enquire about purchasing a list, please use our contact form and name your sector of interest. Note that many of the businesses on the books of these brokers are off-market businesses i.e. not listed in the common business-for-sale marketplaces. 

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