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The Right Broker​ To Sell A Business

We appreciate that it is difficult to find the right broker to sell your business given that there are over 1,000 firms providing this service in the UK. ​ A few of the hurdles business owners face: 

  • It may be a business transfer agent you need, but it may be a corporate finance firm, a transaction advisory firm or someone else altogether. All these intermediaries do the same job but they are not all right for your business;
  • Some intermediaries cover only certain geographic areas within the UK and you may not fall within their catchment;
  • Many intermediaries do not accept businesses below a certain size. Some measure size in turnover, others in​ EV (Enterprise Value);
  • Some intermediaries are sector specialists and take on businesses in only their sector / industry;
  • The best intermediaries are often fully booked up and not taking on new clients;

We save you the trouble of contacting dozens of brokers.

Why We Can Do A Much Better Job​

We ​can do a much better job of finding you the right intermediary* because: 

  • ​In addition to the information we publish in our directory, we have extensive other information on intermediaries - fees, sector expertise, geographical coverage, size restrictions and much more. We use that to aid our filtering and get you a better match;
  • ​We track reputational data, client feedback, success rates and other metrics for many of the firms in our database and we automatically exclude some firms based on user feedback we've had and/or other data we have on the firm;
  • ​Our business broker members can lodge with us when they are too busy to take on new clients and we can avoid putting them forward to new clients till their availability improves;
  • Brokers have an incentive to do a good job for clients we send them or we may remove them from our approved broker list.

It's important to get the intermediary choice right if you are to maximise the price you get for your business. And we can help you with this.

We attempt to find you three matches (no more than three). ​To find you the best matches* we do need some information from you in terms of the size of your business, your location etc. ​This information is not made public and is treated as highly confidential. Our Privacy Policy: Privacy Policy​. Our Terms & Conditions: Terms & Conditions.

Disclosure: We do not include any firms that are currently in our ​Do Not Recommend List.

(We may also need to verify you are authorised to act for this business)
What type of business is your business?
Many brokers have various thresholds based on t/o, profit etc. If we don't know your turnover & profit we can't make recommendations.
As with turnover above, this is not optional. Use brackets to show loss. For example: (£34,256)

​Disclaimer: The businesses, services and organisations listed in this directory are listed as a service to the general public. We make no promises or guarantees about the accuracy or quality of the information provided here or the services being offered by firms listed. Similarly, we provide no guarantees or assurances about firms our system shortlists as matches for your requirements. We advise the public to ​take independent advice before making a decision about using any ​services.