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How To Claim A Listing

If you're a UK based business broker, corporate finance firm, M&A advisory firm or other transaction advisory business, the chances are that your company is already listed in our directory

It's free to claim your existing listing page and to update it.

Premium options are available to further enhance your visibility and drive clients to your business. Contact us to enquire about promotional opportunities.

How do you claim a listing?

You need to register, set a password and ​have us verify your claim ​before we let you edit your company's page.  ​Any edits you make are reviewed by us before they go live. A more detailed break down of the steps is below. Please read the below text carefully before starting. 

  • ​Visit our directory, find the page on which your business is listed and click the "Claim Listing" button
  • If you are registered with our site, log in. If you're not registered, scroll down and you'll see a "Not Yet Registered" link. ​Follow that​. ​Tip: Use your work email address rather than a freemail address. That helps us verify you.
  • ​​Click Register and you'll get to the next screen​ where you need to provide your full name, your position in the business and your contact number​. If we are unable to satisfy ourselves that you are authorised to edit that company's listing we will decline your request. ​
  • ​Once you've filled that in, click Claim Listing and sit back. ​​​We send approval emails with instructions within a few days​.
  • ​That email will have a link to the edit screen where you can edit your company listing page. ​Please fill in all fields carefully. Once you submit, your listing cannot be edited again till we've either approved or rejected your edits. ​Please be patient while we review the changes / edits you've made.

Submit A New Listing - Free

For UK Based ​Intermediaries - Listing is Free

If you are a business broker, corporate finance firm or other intermediary providing business disposal or acquisition services, please first check our directory to see if you're already listed. If you are, you need to Claim Your Listing, not submit a new listing.

If you're not already listed, ​submit a new listing here. If you opt for the paid option you get additional fields you can provide, the ability to upload images and PDFs etc.

For All Other Firms​

​(including legal firms, wealth management firms, exit advisers and all others)

​If you're not a business brokers or someone providing business disposal services to UK businesses, a new listing is NOT free.  Payment is by monthly subscription.

​​We use the same Submit A Listing form that's used for business brokers but you need to choose a paid plan if you wish us to accept your listing. 

​You can ​submit a new listing here. ​

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Manage An Existing Listing

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