Free Listings

​Please see our page here on who can have ​a free listing on this site. ​That page also cover other frequently asked questions.

​If a listing has an "owner" (someone who has claimed a listing and been approved to manage that listing or someone who has submitted a ​new listing), the business gets to display several additional fields on their listing page including a text box with extensive information about your business, what you do and other promotional material;

Listings that are approved normally go live within 30 days.  ​

​Paid Listings

​Sign up for a paid listing and you get everything you get with a free listing PLUS you get

  • to work with a dedicated customer representative to tweak your page and add more data, professional qualifications, awards etc;
  • ​to add images, bespoke content and PDFs to your page to persuade visitors that you're their best choice
  • ​dofollow links from our site (to help with your SEO);
  • ​higher visibility in our directory - your listing appears ahead of other listings
  • a different coloured background to your listing to make it stand out from the free listings.

You can cancel your payment plan at any time. If you cancel your plan, your listing simply reverts to being on par with free listings​ and will look just like any other free listing that is "owned" (see previous section).