iTABB members are UK professionals providing transaction services who have agreed our Code of Conduct. Note that firms listed in our directory are not iTABB members unless they've been awarded and display the iTABB Member Badge in their listing. Membership is annual and members in good standing can renew their membership.


By signing up to iTABB membership you are demonstrating your commitment to high professional and ethical standards. Visitors to this site, and to our directory, are more likely to use the services of a member rather than a non-member. We are always looking for new facilities, services and CPD opportunities we can obtain for our members at a discount to market price.

Benefits of membership

  • Visibility: Ours is the only national directory in the industry and it is increasingly becoming the first place your clients visit when looking for service providers. Members get more visibility than non-members;

  • More of the better clients: How many enquiries do you get from prospective clients who are not right for your firm but which enquiries cost you time and resources? We take some of that headache away;

  • Reputation: Members get to use the iTABB Member Badge in their marketing material and on their websites to demonstrate they are a cut above, that they have signed up to our Code of Conduct and that they are reputable and trustworthy;

  • We have other benefits coming including access to premium market data, discounts on professional training courses, events and, eventually, a redress scheme.


Access to our directory is free to all. Our plans include the introduction in the near future of information and market data services for the members of the public looking to sell or buy a business. You can sign up to be notified of the progress of these plans.